Master of Magic 2
An Unofficial Rally Point
Why a petition?

Online petitions can be silly and ineffective things. That said, signing the 'Make MoM2' petition linked below may actually be an effective thing for you to do. Here's the skinny:

Infogrames holds the rights to Master of Magic, and all the other old MicroProse titles, through a series of corporate collapses and buy-outs. There are a goodly number of (fine, fine) people inside Infogrames US who'd like to see Master of Magic 2 get made, but that doesn't mean it will just happen. It's pretty well established that the company is waiting to see the sales figures on Master of Orion 3 before making any decisions of other MicroProse licenses. Infogrames needs to feel comfortable that there is a reasonable market out there for titles like Master of Magic, which is decidedly more niche than, say, The Sims.

In this situation, demonstrating any manner of active public interest in Master of Magic 2 is a good thing (well, good if you want to see it made). It shows Infogrames that even without press and active development, there's a market for this now ten year old title, and your demonstration of interest gives the MoM advocates inside Infogrames a bit of ammunition. So please, sign the petition and if you can, link it or otherwise pass the URL along.


The Petition's History & Notice

Thane - being the wise fellow that he is - started this Master of Magic 2 petition at several years ago. The signature page is moving over to the PetitionOnline service, and we'll be migrating the ~400 original signatures as time allows. If you signed the original page and either you don't want us to move your signature or you'd like to fill the PetitionOnline form yourself, drop Prosper an email.



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